Mobile Application Testing training course content is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Concepts.

Software Testing Concepts

  •  What is Software Testing?
  •  Types of Software Testing
  •  SDLC and STLC
  •  Verification Validation
  •  Test Case Designing

Mobile Application Software Overview

  •  Overview Mobile OS and Platforms
  •  Types Of Mobile Application
  •  Overview on Mobile testing (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)
  •  Mobile Web Testing Guidelines and Approach
  •  Scope of Mobile Application Testing

Android Application Testing

  •  Android OS Versions and Features
  •  Android Device Fragmentation
  •  Choosing devices for Testing
  •  Android Environment Set Up
  •  Introduction to DDMS
  •  Capturing logs
  •  Installing Android App
  •  Android Testing Criteria
  •  Android Market(Play Store) Submission Process

iPhone Application Testing

  •  Generations of Apple devices
  •  Human Interface Guidelines
  •  Software Requirements
  •  Installing Apple Apps
  •  What is UDID, Importance of Provisioning Profile
  •  Apple Submission Process
  •  Apple Review Process

Mobile Testing Generics

  •  Network Related Testing
  •  Battery Consumption Testing
  •  Interruption Testing(Call Handling,SMS)
  •  Verifying Memory usage by app
  •  Testing on different types of devices
  •  Testing on different types of devices
  •  Stress Testing

Remote Device Services

  •  Overview:- Cloud based Mobile Testing Solutions
  •  Introduction to Device Anywhere
  •  Perfecto Mobile
  •  Nokia RDA

Mobile Testing Utilities

  •  Screenshots capturing tools
  •  UDID Finders
  •  Memory Usage Tools
  •  File Explorers in Android
  •  Stress Testing Tools
  •  Unit Testing Tool for iphone
  •  Log Collectors

Mobile Testing Automation Tool

  •  Different Mobile Automation Tools
  •  Introduction to Monkey Talk
  •  Introduction to Robotium

Mobile Application Testing Trainer Profile

  •  More than 10 Years of experience in Mobile Application Testing
  •  Has worked on multiple realtime Mobile Application Testing projects
  •  Working in a top MNC company
  •  certified Professionals