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About Apache Cassandra Training Course in Mumbai

This Apache Cassandra Certification coaching can develop your experience in operating with the high-volume Cassandra direction system as a part of the massive knowledge Hadoop framework. With this Cassandra coaching, you may learn Cassandra ideas, features, design, and  knowledge model, and the way to put in, put together and monitor ASCII text file databases.
The Casandra course is right for computer code developers and analytics professionals WHO would like to more their careers within the huge knowledge field.

Cassandra is a distributed database management system which is open source with wide column store, NoSQL database to handle large amount of data across many commodity servers which provides high availability with no single point of failure. It is written in Java and developed by Apache Software Foundation. Avinash Lakshman & Prashant Malik initially developed the Cassandra at Facebook to power the Facebook inbox search feature. Facebook released Cassandra as an open source project on Google code in July 2008. In March 2009 it became an Apache Incubator project and in February 2010 it becomes a top-level project. Due to its outstanding technical features Cassandra becomes so popular.

Syllabus of Apache Cassandra Course in Mumbai

 What is Big data?

  •  Feature and benefit of Big data
  •  Explain on Velocity, Variety and Veracity
  •  Characteristics of big data
  •  Big data Architecture
  •  Distributed Computing
  •  Overview of Stream and Batch processing

Introduction to Cassandra

  •  Understanding NoSQL
  •  Types of NoSQL databases
  •  What is wrong in Relational database
  •  NoSQL Ecosystem
  •  Overview of Cassandra
  •  Feature of Cassandra
  •  High availability
  •  Replication and Multiple data centers

Architecture of Cassandra

  •  Understanding high level Cassandra architecture
  •  Peer-to-Peer design
  •  Network topology
  •  Virtual Node
  •  Components of Cassandra
  •  Partitioner and Replication
  •  Memtables and SSTables
  •  Bloom Filters
  •  Managers and Services
  •  Cassandra read and write process
  •  Failure scenario

 Installation and Configuration

  •  Overview of Cassandra version history
  •  Pre-requisite for Installation
  •  Installing Cassandra from binary
  •  Verify and running Cassandra
  •  Command-line client Interface
  •  CLI Commands
  •  Logging setup in Cassandra
  •  Replication Factor
  •  Create and setup Cluster
  •  Miscellaneous setting

Cassandra Data Model

  •  Introduction to Data Model
  •  Data Types and Dynamic Columns
  •  Amend Data types
  •  Counter Column
  •  Cassandra DDL and DML process
  •  Composite Keys
  •  Collection Columns in Cassandra
  •  Table Operations and CURD on Cassandra
  •  Design between RDBMS and Cassandra
  •  Best Practice on Data Model

 Indexes and Composite

  •  Overview of Index and benefit
  •  Index on Distributed Database
  •  Clustered Indexes vs Non-Clustered Indexes
  •  Secondary Index
  •  Composite Columns
  •  Data Partitioning
  •  Data Colocation

Working with MapReduce

  •  Overview of MapReduce
  •  Batch Processing
  •  MapReduce Integration with Cassandra
  •  Thrift way
  •  Stream Analytics

 Cassandra Query Language(CQL)

  •  Introduction to CQL
  •  Syntax on CQL
  •  Database User and Roles
  •  Control Commands
  •  Data Definition and Manipulation
  •  Complex query
  •  Built-in and User defined Function
  •  Run CQL Scripts from the command line
  •  JSON support

Cassandra Interfaces

  •  Java interfaces to connect Cassandra
  •  ODBC interface to connect Cassandra

Data Migration

  •  Understanding Data Migration and Analytics
  •  Understanding Pig
  •  Pig with Cassandra
  •  Apache Hive
  •  Understanding UDF
  •  Hive with Cassandra
  •  Data Migration from any Database to Cassandra

Performance Tuning and Monitoring

  •  Understanding Performance Indicators
  •  CPU and Memory resource utilization
  •  Understand Logical and Physical Reads
  •  JVM Setting
  •  Concurrency
  •  Configuration for Data Cache
  •  Off-Heap Vs On-Heap
  •  Stress Testing for Cassandra
  •  Overview of Monitoring
  •  Cassandra Monitoring Tools
  •  Logging
  •  Cassandra MBeans
  •  Health Check

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