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MicroSoft Dynamics Training in Mumbai

The Microsoft Dynamics Training in Mumbai at Wings Academy is the most appropriate preparing in importance to current innovation. Our mentors are for the most part specialists from top MNCs with more than 9 years of experience making them the most appropriate for our useful arranged preparing.

Those who enlist with us will be furnished with their own understudy login and learning material while likewise being given resume readiness, mock up interviews, specialized meetings and functional application on the innovation. The applicants that enlist at the Microsoft Dynamics Training at Mumbai with Placement at Wings Academy will be given 24x7 live help, supporting them set up their best for work arrangement. They are likewise furnished with Internationally perceived endorsement from Wings Academy tie up The National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore.

We give preparing to most creating courses in the business, Microsoft Dynamics is instructed so that the competitors advantage the most out of it. The Microsoft Dynamics Course in Mumbai at Wings Academy is intended to suit up-and-comers everything being equal.

Microsoft elements has a superior degree as it is perfect with other Microsoft related incorporation. The preparation is furnished in down to earth way with hands-on experience utilizing current day ventures.

Our Microsoft Dynamics Training institution in Mumbai gives quality useful information to the competitors that will help them over the long haul by cementing their insight in the fundamentals too. We have a group of experts that will enable the understudies to break interviews for notable MNC's. This will enable our contender to get an occupation in their fantasy MNC's. Get in touch with us for a free demo training. Microsoft Dynamics Ax & AX Technical [D365] Course Syllabus

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Course Syllabus
 Overview and Planning

  •  Lessons
  •  Overview
  •  Server Setup
  •  Domain Accounts
  •  Planning
  •  Architecture
  •  Planning Hardware and Software
  •  RAID Subsystem
  •  Disaster Recovery
  •  Staff Skills Review
  •  Naming Convention
  •  Components


  •  Setup Utility
  •  Install an Environment
  •  Perform a Single-Computer Installation
  •  Configuration Utilities
  •  Install Microsoft Dynamics AX in Silent Mode
  •  Office Add-Ins
  •  Initialization Checklist

Managing Users and Security

  •  Security Overview
  •  Authentication
  •  Adding Users
  •  Adding Active Directory Groups
  •  Role Based Security
  •  Extensible Data Security Framework
  •  Customizing Security


  •  Services Overview
  •  Administration
  •  Integration and Planning
  •  Infrastructure and Deployment
  •  Troubleshoot and Monitor Services
  •  Security


  •  General Features
  •  Architecture
  •  Create a Workflow
  •  Graphical Workflow Editor
  •  Configure an Approval Element
  •  Configure Decisions
  •  Configure a Parallel Activity
  •  Configure a Sub Workflow
  •  Configure Line-Item Workflows
  •  Configure Tasks
  •  Completing a Workflow Configuration
  •  Workflow Types
  •  Administration
  •  Inquiries and Reports


  • Cube Overview
  •  Installation and Deployment
  •  Configuration
  •  Security


  •  Overview
  •  Planning Considerations for Reporting
  •  Batch Support
  •  Installation and Deployment
  •  Configure Report Servers
  •  Security Considerations

Enterprise Portal

  •  About Enterprise Portal
  •  Installation
  •  Security and Authentication
  •  Deployment
  •  Configuration and Administration


  •  Model Management
  •  System Monitoring
  •  System Administration
  •  Set Up and Manage Emails
  •  Set Up and Manage Batch Processing
  •  Set Up and Manage Alerts

Organization Model

  •  About Organizations and Organizational Hierarchies
  •  Plan the Organizational Hierarchy
  •  Working with Legal Entities
  •  Working with Operational Units
  •  Working with Organizational Hierarchies
  •  Organization Hierarchy Examples

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical [D365] Course Syllabus

  • Architecture
  •  Comparison D365 vs AX 2012 vs AX 2009
  •  The Cloud Model - Pros and Cons
  •  Introduction to Azure
  •  3 tier vs n-tier Architecture
  •  Licensing Model

 Application Explorer

  •  Model Management
  •  Packages
  •  Introduction to LCS
  •  Code Migration
  •  D365 Setup and Server Architecture

D365 Menu in VS

  •  Classic View vs Model View
  •  Data Types
  •  Primitive
  •  Base Enum
  •  Extended Data Types

 Data Model

  •  Tables
  •  Views
  •  Queries
  •  Basic Data Entities
  •  Composite Data Entities
  •  Aggregate Data Entities
  •  Maps
  •  Table Collections


  •  OOP’s and Classes in D365
  •  Runnable Classes
  •  New Keywords and D365 way of handling
  •  classes
  •  Exception Handling in D365
  •  Macros

 User Interface

  •  Forms
  •  Form Patterns in D365
  •  Tiles
  •  Menus
  •  Menu Items

Reporting in Dynamics 365

  •  SSRS Reports
  •  Power BI Integration
  •  Label Handling in D365
  •  Workflows in D365
  •  Configuration Keys
  •  References

XDS and Security Model in D365

  •  Roles
  •  Duties
  •  Privileges
  •  Permissions

Customization in D365

  •  Extensions
  •  Over layering vs Extensions
  •  Base Enum Extensions
  •  Extended Data Type Extensions
  •  Table Extensions
  •  Query Extensions
  •  Views Extensions
  •  Data Entity Extensions
  •  Class Extensions
  •  Delegates
  •  Event Handling
  •  Chain Of Command
  •  Form Extensions
  •  Menu Item Extensions
  •  Menu Extensions
  •  Security Extensions


  •  OData Services
  •  Compare Tool
  •  Deployment Model
  •  Moving Customization to Production
  •  Upgrade from AX 2012 to D365
  •  Using Trace Parser in D365
  •  Task Recording

Trainers Profile MicroSoft Dynamics 

  •  Our MicroSoft Dynamics Training in Mumbai. Trainers are certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
  •  As all Trainers are MicroSoft Dynamics domain working professionals so they are having many live projects, trainers will use these projects during training sessions.
  •  All our Trainers are working with companies such as Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc.
  •  Trainers are also help candidates to get placed in their respective company by Employee Referral / Internal Hiring process.
  •  Our trainers are industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered on running applications providing Best MicroSoft Dynamics training to the students.
  •  We have received various prestigious awards for MicroSoft Dynamics Training in Mumbai from recognized IT organizations.