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About Sharepoint Developer Training Course in Mumbai

SharePoint Developer is a browser-based collaboration, or an extensible platform for creating sites within the intranet environment which is developed by Microsoft. The previous two versions are MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010.This is latest version of SharePoint that is currently present in the market. The main features of SharePoint 2013 are UI – A very Rich UI compared to previous versions, Social Computing – A feature which helps in creating a Facebook like environment within your corporate portal, Search – A feature which allows you to create a private search engine for the sites, generating SharePoint apps that you will be creating within the SharePoint.

SharePoint is a platform to support collaboration and content management system. It is a central web-based portal. Using SharePoint, you can manage your colleague's and your own
documents, social activities, data, and information.

Syllabus of Sharepoint Developer Course in Mumbai

SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals

  •  Office 365 versus SharePoint Foundation 2013 versus SharePoint Server 2013
  •  SharePoint 2013 architecture
  •  SharePoint Farms
  •  SharePoint Service Applications
  •  SharePoint Web applications
  •  Site Collections and Sites
  •  Lists and Document Libraries
  •  Site Columns and Content Types
  •  Site Templates and Site Definitions

Introducing SharePoint 2013 Development

  •  What is SharePoint development all about?
  •  What are the skills needed?
  •  Your development environment
  •  Windows PowerShell and SharePoint

Server Object Model

  •  Server-Side API overview
  •  Server-Side Data Access
  •  CAML queries
  •  LINQ Primer
  •  LINQ for SharePoint

Developing SharePoint Solutions

  •  Introducing SharePoint Solutions
  •  Farm Solutions vs Sandboxed solutions
  •  Creating a SharePoint Solution
  •  Adding and Deploying SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio
  •  Deploying SharePoint Solution packages using Powershell

SharePoint 2013 Features Framework

  •  Introducing Features
  •  Building Features using Visual Studio
  •  Installing, Activating, Deactivating and Uninstalling Features
  •  Feature Receivers
  •  Working with the Property Bag
  •  Feature Stapling
  •  Feature and Solution Dependencies
  •  Upgrading Features and Solutions

 Event Receivers

  •  Handling Web Related Events
  •  Handling List Related Events
  •  Handling Item Related Events

Developing WebParts

  •  Introduction to Web Parts
  •  Creating Custom Web Parts
  •  Visual Web Parts
  •  Exposing Web Part Properties
  •  Connectable Web Parts

 SharePoint Pages

  •  Web Part Pages vs Wiki Pages vs Application Pages
  •  Provisioning Pages with Modules and Features
  •  Developing Application Pages

Custom Timer Jobs

  •  Job Definition Object Model
  •  Developing, deploying and debugging a Custom Job Definition

Reusable Type Definitions and Templates

  •  Field Types and Field Controls
  •  Site Columns and Content Types
  •  List Definitions and Templates
  •  Site Definitions
  •  Web Templates

Client Side Object Model and REST in SharePoint 2013

  •  Introducing SharePoint 2013 Client API
  •  SharePoint 2013 Client Side Object Model
  •  Programming with CSOM in .NET, JavaScript and Silverlight
  •  REST and OData Fundamentals
  •  SharePoint 2013 REST API
  •  Programming with REST

 UI Customization

  •  Programming SharePoint Navigation
  •  Extending the Ribbon User Interface
  •  Dialog and Notification Framework

 Customizing the SharePoint Rendering with JSLink

  •  Basic JSLink syntax
  •  Using JSLink in Web Parts, Content Types, Fields and Lists
  •  Using JSLink in Features and code
  •  Performance impact

Developing Apps for SharePoint

  •  Why apps?
  •  SharePoint 2010 Development Challenges
  •  App Principles
  •  App web & host web
  •  SharePoint 2013 developer tools in Visual Studio
  •  Provider-hosted and SharePoint-Hosted Apps
  •  Design considerations
  •  Developing App Parts and Custom actions
  •  Deployment of SharePoint apps

Remote Event Receivers

  •  Remote Event Receivers scenarios
  •  Developing Remote Event Receivers
  •  Remote Event Receivers in SharePoint apps
  •  Upgrading apps with Remote Event Receivers

SharePoint Security

  •  Authentication & Authorization
  •  Claims Based Authentication
  •  Programming Security
  •  Securing Apps

Developing Workflows

  •  Understanding the Workflow Architecture
  •  Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
  •  Creating Workflows with Visual Studio 2012

Business Connectivity Services

  •  BCS Architecture
  •  Creating & Using External Content Type Models
  •  BCS Apps
  •  .NET Assembly Connectors
  •  Authentication Options

About Experienced SharePoint Developer Trainer

  •  Our SharePoint Developer Training in Mumbai. Trainers are certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
  •  As all Trainers are SharePoint Developer domain working professionals so they are having many live projects, trainers will use these projects during training sessions.
  •  All our Trainers are working with companies such as Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc.
  •  Trainers are also help candidates to get placed in their respective company by Employee Referral / Internal Hiring process.
  •  Our trainers are industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered on running applications providing Best SharePoint Developer training to the students.
  •  We have received various prestigious awards for SharePoint Developer Training in Mumbai from recognized IT organizations.