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Xamarin Training in Mumbai
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Our Classroom and Online Training Program insist you to become a specialist at Advanced Industrial Technologies in a Month. Hands-on Learning with Live Project sessions. We are "One of the Best Classroom and Online Training Course Provider" in India with Placement Support.


About Xamarin Training Course in Mumbai
Our comprehensive Xamarin course has been designed to assist you gain most exposure to the current platform so you'll be able to learn its installation, configuration, controls and net services. find out how to use Xamarin Studio and build mobile applications victimisation C# by attending our Xamarin categories. Write code to access the info and application resources and therefore the basics of testing and business enterprise. Our skilled trainers have meticulously ready the courseware and sensible sessions for you to realize most information through the workshop and begin applying the ideas learned at your geographical point. Register on-line and obtain Xamarin certification on winning completion of the course that provides a lift to your career. The fee we tend to charge for Xamarin coaching at our Wings Academy is reasonable and that we conjointly to the Students.


Syllabus of Xamarin Course in Mumbai


Mobile Development Options

  •  Mobile Landscape
  •  Native iOS Development
  •  Native Android Development
  •  Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Development
  •  Cross-Platform Development


Xamarin Development Platform

  •  History
  •  Components
  •  Xamarin on iOS
  •  Xamarin on Android
  •  Xamarin on Windows
  •  Sharing Code
  •  Xamarin.Forms


Getting Started

  •  Xamarin Development on a Mac
  •  Xamarin Android Development on Windows
  •  Xamarin iOS Development on Windows


Creating an Application Solution

  •  Xamarin.Forms vs. Native UIs
  •  Shared Projects Portable Class Libraries (PCLs)
  •  .NET Standard
  •  Approaches to Code Sharing
  •  Dependency Injection



  •  Android SDKs and API Levels
  •  Android Emulators
  •  Running on a Physical Device
  •  Android Application Architecture
  •  Layouts and XML
  •  User Interface Components
  •  Adapter Views
  •  Event Handling
  •  Input Controls
  •  Dialogs
  •  Notifications and Toasts
  •  Platform-Specific Features
  •  Localization



  •  iOS SDKs and Devices
  •  iOS Simulator
  •  Using the Xamarin Mac Agent
  •  Running on a Physical Device
  •  iOS Application Architecture
  •  Storyboards and XIB Files
  •  User Interface Components
  •  Controllers, Delegates, and Data Sources
  •  Outlets and Actions
  •  Background Execution
  •  Local and Push Notifications
  • Platform-Specific Features
  •  Localization


Building Shared Application Components

  •  MVC and MVVM
  •  Threading and Asynchronous Operations
  •  Data Persistance
  •  Networking
  •  Consuming a Web Service
  •  Using Platform-Specific Features



  •  Architecture of Xamarin.Forms
  •  When Xamarin.Forms is the Right Choice
  •  Introduction to XAML
  •  Renderers
  •  Pages, Layouts, Views, and Cells
  •  Data Binding
  •  Platform-Specific User Interfaces
  •  Embedding Native Views
  •  Localization
  •  Optimizing Performance



  •  Unit Testing
  •  UI Testing
  •  Xamarin Test Cloud



  •  Ad Hoc Deployment
  •  Google Play and Amazon App Store
  •  Apple App Store
  •  App Analytics
  •  Crash Logs
  •  Conclusion


About Experienced Xamarin Trainer

  •  Our Xamarin Training in Mumbai. Trainers are certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
  •  As all Trainers are Xamarin domain working professionals so they are having many live projects, trainers will use these projects during training sessions.
  •  All our Trainers are working with companies such as Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc.
  •  Trainers are also help candidates to get placed in their respective company by Employee Referral / Internal Hiring process.
  •  Our trainers are industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered on running applications providing Best Xamarin training to the students.