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Oracle Dataguard

Oracle Dataguard

Oracle DataGuard Training in Mumbai

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About Oracle Data Guard Training Course in Mumbai

Data Guard gives a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to empower Oracle databases to survive disasters & data corruptions. Data Guard keeps up these reserve databases as transactionally consistent copies of the production database.

Syllabus of Oracle Dataguard Course in Mumbai
Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

  •  Describe the basic components of Oracle Data Guard
  •  Explain the differences between physical and logical standby databases
  •  Explain the benefits of implementing Oracle Data Guard

Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

  •  Create a Data Guard broker configuration
  •  Create a physical standby database
  •  Verify a Data Guard configuration
  •  Edit database properties related to Data Guard
  •  Test a Data Guard configuration

Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment

  •  Understand the basics of Oracle Net Services
  •  Configure client connectivity in a Data Guard configuration
  •  Implement Data Guard best practice solutions in networking setup

Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL and RMAN Commands

  •  Configure the primary database and Oracle Net Services to support the creation of the physical standby database and role transition
  •  Create a physical standby database by using the

Using Oracle Active Data Guard

  •  Use real-time query to access data on a physical standby database
  •  Enable RMAN block change tracking for a physical standby database
  •  Use Far Sync to extend zero data loss protection for intercontinental configurations

Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database

  •  Create a snapshot standby database to meet the requirement for a temporary, updatable snapshot of a physical standby database
  •  Convert a snapshot standby database back to a physical standby database

Creating a Logical Standby Database

  •  Determine when to create a logical standby database
  •  Create a logical standby database
  •  Manage SQL Apply filtering

Oracle Data Guard Broker: Overview

  •  The Data Guard broker architecture
  •  Data Guard broker components
  •  Benefits of the Data Guard broker
  •  Data Guard broker configurations
  •  How to use Enterprise Manager to manage your Data Guard configuration
  •  How to invoke DGMGRL to manage your Data Guard configuration

Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration

  •  Create a Data Guard broker configuration
  •  Manage the Data Guard broker configuration

Monitoring a Data Guard Broker Configuration

  •  Use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor the configuration
  •  Use DGMGRL to monitor the configuration
  •  Use SQL to monitor the configuration

Configuring Data Protection Modes

  •  Describe the data protection modes
  •  Change the data protection mode of your configuration
  •  Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  •  Using DGMGRL
  •  Using SQL

 Performing Role Transitions

  •  Explain the database roles
  •  Perform a switchover
  •  Perform a failover

Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration

  •  Explain the advantages of using Flashback Database in a Data Guard configuration
  •  Configure Flashback Database

Enabling Fast-Start Failover

  •  Configure fast-start failover
  •  View information about the fast-start failover configuration
  •  Manage the observer
  •  Perform role changes in a fast-start failover configuration
  •  Manually reinstate the primary database

Backup and Recovery Considerations in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration

  •  Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to back up and restore files in a Data Guard configuration
  •  Offload backups to a physical standby database
  •  Recover your primary database by using a file from the physical standby database

Enhanced Client Connectivity in a Data Guard Environment

  •  Configure client connectivity in a Data Guard configuration
  •  Implement failover procedures to automatically redirect clients to a new primary database

Patching and Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration

  •  By using Standby-First Patch Apply technique
  •  By using traditional upgrade methods
  •  By performing rolling upgrades
  •  By using the DBMS_ROLLING package with Active Data Guard

Optimizing a Data Guard Configuration

  •  Monitor configuration performance
  •  Optimize redo transport for best performance
  •  Optimize SQL Apply

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service Overview

  •  Describe the architecture and capabilities of Exadata Cloud Service
  •  Compare and contrast between Exadata Cloud Service and an on-premise Exadata implementation

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