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About SOA Testing Training Course in Mumbai
Service-Oriented design (SOA) may be a manner of coming up with, developing, deploying, and managing enterprise systems wherever business wants and technical solutions area unit closely aligned. SOA offers variety of potential advantages, like cost-efficiency and gracefulness. However, adopting SOA isn't while not tidy challenges. for instance, the foremost common
thanks to implement a SOA-based system is with internet services, however the standards that outline internet services area unit evolving quickly and plenty of of the online services tools
area unit still somewhat immature. there's conjointly the question of the way to leverage existing gift assets at intervals a SOA context.

SOA Test is a testing and analysis tool suite developed for API and API applications testing. Supports Web Services, REST, JSON, MQ, JMS, TIBCO, HTTP, XML technologies. Functional, Unit, Integration, Regression, Security, Interoperability, Compliance and Performance Testing are possible.

Syllabus of SOA Testing Course in Mumbai
SOA Introduction

  •  What is SOA
  •  Evolution of SOA
  •  Why SOA is Required
  •  Traditional Architecture Vs SOA Architecture
  •  Characteristics of SOA
  •  Benefits of SOA
  •  SOA Governance

 Web Services

  •  What is Web Service
  •  Different components of Web Service
  •  WSDL
  •  SOAP
  •  XML
  •  Different types of Web Services
  •  Synchronous
  •  Asynchronous
  •  REST
  •  SOAP


  •  What is Middleware
  •  What are the various types of Middleware Suites
  •  What is Enterprise Service Bus(ESB)
  •  What are the advantages of Middleware

 Service Registry

  •  What is Service Registry
  •  UDDI

 Business Rules

  •  What are Business Rules
  •  What is Business Rules Engine(BRE)
  •  Role of Business Rules in SOA

 Business Process

  •  What are Business Processes
  •  What is BPEL
  •  Role of BPEL in SOA


  •  Introduction to Messaging
  •  Java Messaging Service(JMS)
  •  Topic
  •  Queues

SOA Security

  •  Security at Web Services Level
  •  Security at Message Level
  •  Security at Transport Level

Key performance aspects in SOA

  •  Performance at Web Service Level
  •  Performance at ESB integration level
  •  Performance at Message Queues

SOA Testing

  •  What is SOA Testing
  •  How SOA Testing different from Traditional Testing
  •  SOA Testing Approach
  •  SOA Testing Life Cycle
  •  SOA Testing Challenges
  •  SOA Functional Testing
  •  Web Services Testing
  •  SOA Integration Testing
  •  Business Rules Testing
  •  Business Process Testing
  •  MQ Testing
  •  SOA Non-Functional Testing
  •  SOA Security Testing
  •  SOA Performance Testing
  •  SOA-Compliance & Inteorperability Testing
  •  SOA Testing Best Practices

SOA Testing Tools ViewDetails || CloseDetails

  •  Overview on various SOA Testing Tools
  •  Open source SOA Testing Tools
  •  Commercial/Vendor specific SOA Testing Tools
  •  Benefits of using SOA Test Tools
  •  Overview on soapUI Tool
  •  Various SOA Testing types supported by soapUI Tool
  •  Web Services Functional Testing
  •  Web Services Security Testing
  •  JMS Testing
  •  Working with JMS Messages
  •  Validating JMS Responses
  •  Service Mocking
  •  Working with Mock Services
  •  Mock Operations and Responses
  •  Web Services Load Testing
  •  Creating and Running Load Tests

About Experienced SOA Testing Trainer

  •  Our SOA Testing Training in Mumbai. Trainers are certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
  •  As all Trainers are SOA Testing domain working professionals so they are having many live projects, trainers will use these projects during training sessions.
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