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PCB Design

PCB Design

OrCAD Capture CIS

Course Overview

  • Building parts and symbols
  • Creating a new project
  • Copying work between projects
  • Assigning  reference designators
  • Design Cheking
  • Adding intersheet signal references
  • Creating a Bill of Materials and other reports
  • Adding part and net properties
  • Creating a netlist for ORCAD Layout

Module 1

  • Introduction to CADANCE/ORCAD Software.
  • Getting Started with ORCAD Capture
  • Learn about user interface.
  • Learn about different tools of ORCAD Capture
  • Learn about Design Preparation.
  • Building simple schematics.

Module 2

  • Assigning reference designator (Annotation)
  • Design Rule checking (DRC error)
  • Creation Bill Of Materials for Design
  • Creation of Pdf Documentation of Design

Module 3

  • Introduction to parts/symbol library
  • Accessing to default library
  • Creating Parts & Symbol
  • Preparing the design for layout (Net listing)

OrCAD PCB Editor

Module 1: Library development

  • Introduction to various DIP and Surface Mount Component.
  • Learn about design preparation (libraries/ Footprints).
  • PAD stack Designing.
  • Creation of Footprints for DIP and SMD Devices.

Module 2: Getting Started

  • Getting started wi_ __Allegro PCB Editor.
  • Preparation of board for layout using board wizard.
  • Learn about user interface.
  • Defining parameter of board (Constraint Manager).
  • Learn about different tools of OrCAD/ Allegro PCB Editor

 Module 3: Logic Import, Design Rules and Component Placement

  • Net listing/logic import from schematic to PCB
  • Component Placement