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Bootstrap is an interactive open-source framework based on JAVAScript; it was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. It is a blend of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JAVAScript; designed for the main purpose of building user interface components. Bootstrap is also programmed in such a way that it supports HTML5 and CSS3 as well; it is also mentioned as Front-end-framework

It is a free collection of user friendly tools for creating, developing and implementing websites and web applications. It incorporates HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Some Reasons programmers preferred Bootstrap Framework is because:-

It is easy get started

Amazing grid system

It contains base styling for most HTML elements(Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Icons)

Exclusive list of components

Necessary JAVAscript plug-ins.

Bootstrap is the most renowned HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for implementing a responsive, mobile friendly and user interactive website. It is programmed in such a way for easier use and faster web development.

In the month June, 2014 Bootstrap was ranked No.1 project on GitHub.

Why you should consider bootstrap training?


Bootstrap gives LESS documents to the individuals who are acclimated to CSS pre-processing however in the event that you do not have any acquaintance with it or would prefer not to utilize it, you can have plain CSS files too.

Highly Interactive:

Bootstrap gives the designers the adaptability to create. It’s a CSS structure with predefined classes for layout utilizing its grid system, different CSS segments and Javascript capacities.

Responsive Grid:

This is the most ground breaking portion of the bootstrap system. Bootstrap offers a 12 column grid system. The grid system is pre-defined in such a way that it is responsive and that means is the layout of the 12 column system changes itself depending on the gadget the user is using to browse from ( eg:- Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart phone)

Huge variety of components:

Bootstrap has every one of the parts you would require for you to build a proper website. It incorporates Drop Down Menus, Navigation Bar, Progress Bar, Alerts, Labels, Badges and so forth.

Wings Academy being the best BOOTSTRAP training Institute provides BOOTSTRAP training to its students; with the help of our IT Proficient Faculty having +5 years of Industrial Experience handling live projects in this Sector. Students opting for this BOOTSTRAP training course will get exposure to the list above, with live examples and practical applications. Students after the completion of the BOOTSTRAP training course will get 100% Job placement assistance. We provide BOOTSTRAP training in practical learning sessions with live projects under the guidance of expert faculty. Free lifetime membership card for BOOTSTRAP training course is provided as well. We facilitate extra problem solving classes excluding curriculum classes that helps students to get the answer of problems faced in BOOTSTRAP training course.

What is your future with Bootstrap training?

Students after the completion of bootstrap training will have job opportunities in the following designations:-

UI Developer

Full Stack Developer

Front end developer

Hired by top companies like Airtel, IRIS, IDC Technologies etc.


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