C/C++/c# Course in Lodha Palava

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C/C++/c# Course in Lodha Palava

Wings Academy provides C/C++/c# Course in Lodha Palava, We provides all combined courses for students for their easier recruitment. We also Provide a placement for our students.

What is C?

We will start with the C programming language because it’s the oldest and most widely used of the three. Dennis Ritchie invented it in 1972 and then published in 1978. Ritchie designed it for the development of a new version of Unix.

Up until that point, the Unix operating system used assembly language, which is the lowest level of programming readable by a computer. The invention of C revolutionized programming and operating systems forever. The rest, as they say, is history.

C is still a low-level programming language, which performs almost as efficiently as assembly code. It provides base-level access to memory, and it requires very little runtime support.

What is C++

C++ was developed as an extension of the C programming language. It was created by a Ph.D. student in Denmark named Bjarne Stroustrup. His goal was to enhance C and add object-oriented programming capabilities without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

C++ is considered an intermediate-level programming language, as it builds upon the low-level C language but has more advanced capabilities.

Since the initial publication of C++ in 1985, it has become another extremely prolific programming language. It’s used alongside C in the development of operating systems but also sees use in high-profile server and PC software.

What is C#?

C# (pronounced “C Sharp”) is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is also built as an extension of C. It was developed by a team at Microsoft lead by Anders Hejlsberg in 2002. It’s based in the .NET framework, but its backbone is still clearly the C language.

C# compiles into byte-code, rather than machine code. That means it executes on a virtual computer that translates it into machine code on the fly. It adds garbage collection, uninitialized variable checking, bound checking, and type checking capabilities to the base C code.

C/C++/c# Course in Lodha Palava

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