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C is a basic strategic language. It was intended to be incorporated utilizing a generally direct compiler, to give low-level access to memory, to give language builds that guide productively to machine guidelines, and to require negligible run-time bolster. Along these lines, C was valuable for some applications that had in the past been coded in low level computing construct, for instance in framework programming.

In spite of its low-level capacities, the language was intended to empower cross-stage programming. A models consistent and movably composed C program can be arranged for a wide assortment of PC stages and working frameworks with few changes to its source code. The language has turned out to be accessible on an extensive variety of stages, from implanted microcontrollers to supercomputers.

C built at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie. C is a high-level and general purpose programming language that is ideal for developing firmware or portable applications.

Following listed are the features of C programming language:

  • Fixed range of keywords, including a set of control primitives, such as:
    1. 1. if
    2. 2. for
    3. 3. while
    4. 4. switch
    5. 5. And do while
  • Multiple logical and mathematical operators, including bit manipulators:
  • Function return values are not always needed and should be neglected if necessary.
  • Typing is static. All data has a type however could be implicitly converted.
  • Basic form of modularity, as files may be individually compiled and linked and may more.
  • Multiple assignments can be applied during a single statement.
  • Function return values are not always needed and should be neglected if necessary.
  • Typing is static. All data has a type however could be implicitly converted.
  • Basic form of modularity, as files may be individually compiled and linked and may more.

    Students After the completion of C programming course will be able to use

  • Control statement
  • Array, function and pointer
  • String Handling, Structure and unions
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Linked list, preprocessor and
  • File management

Even though various codings are utilized for composing PC applications, the PC programming language, C, is the most prevalent language around the world. Everything from microcontrollers to working frameworks is composed in C since it's exceptionally adaptable and flexible, permitting most extreme control with insignificant charges. In the event that you are keen on a vocation in PC programming, it is astute to begin by taking in the C programming language.

There are various advantages from learning C; in any case, the most imperative advantage is that the C programming language is perceived worldwide and utilized as a part of a large number of uses, including progressed logical frameworks and working frameworks. In this day and age, a PC software engineer should have the capacity to speak with partners in various nations. In this manner it's essential that regardless of the possibility that they don't talk the same verbal language, at any rate the code is justifiable to all.

Another advantage of taking in the coding, C, is that it's the fundamental language of all propelled programming languages. For instance, in the event that you need to learn C++, which is a object-oriented language, you have to know the C language well heretofore. When you ace C programming, you can undoubtedly take in another predetermined language.

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After completion of C course you will be able to use

1. Control statement

2. Array, function and pointer in C

3. String Handling, Structure and unions

4. Dynamic memory allocation

5. Linked list, preprocessor and

6. File management in C

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