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Django is a third generation website development framework developed in python. Django track the rapid development, DRY principle, reusability of component for developing of any website. It is based on model, view and controller (MVC) architecture. Django gaining more popularity in the market due to its powerful features and large and small IT organizations adopting this framework for web development. At the developer point of views it save programming time and improve the reusability of code. There are lots of packages and pre-built apps available on internet that help developer during the development. It is very easy to learn for beginner and who want to enjoy during their work time. In this course we trained our aspirant from basic to corporate level by covering several concepts of django framework as well as python programming language.

Why Django

1.Introduction to ZEN Concept.

2.Working with various database servers.

3.Templates concept in Django.

4.Creating and playing Admin web page.

5.Learn routing URLs and nonSQL models.

6.You will able to create own app for website .

Why Join Us

We are one of the reputed institutes offers Django Python training in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai by domain proficient trainers.This course is offered by Wings Academy Tech Solutions for students and professionals who want to become a good web developer and enhance their skill in python programming language.

What We Provide

1. Textbooks, Notes, EBooks.

2. Necessary Software, DVDs etc.

3. Focus on practical labs.

4. Training Certificates.

5. Live project Based Training.

6. 100% Job Placement.

7. Lab facilities with Wi-Fi environment.

Training Benefits

1.Interview preparation by our professional team.

2. Problem solving classes at the end of the course.

3. Certification.

4. Job placement.

5. Make Carrier in MNC

6.Live project work experience.


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