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Data Analytics Courses Training

Data Analytics Courses Training

Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai

Wings Academy’ Data Analyst Course in Mumbai aims to teach students to explore, describe, and interpret data in its multidimensional form. Students will understand the Data Analytics Lifecycle, Data Analytic Methods Using R programming, Data Model Planning, Data Model Building, Analytics for Unstructured Data, MapReduce, and Hadoop Training with the assistance of experienced professional trainers.

Students in the Data Analytics Course Mumbai will learn to use mathematics and Software for data analysis, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing Data Extraction, Predictive Analytics, etc.

Data Analyst Course in Mumbai – Overview

Wings Academy’ Data Analytics Course in Mumbai Defines data analytics as a science of studying a group of data to draw inferences about the information to make decisions or improve knowledge on various subjects. The Course will assist in gaining practical Knowledge in data analysis tools such as Tableau, Python, R, etc. It will demonstrate to whoever attends the class that each academic concept is followed by concrete yet quick and easy to grasp, application to the actual wold in many settings.

Most importantly, someone who takes Data Analytics Training in Mumbai will understand how these statistical techniques can improve their work, Increase their Analytical skills, and encourage more effective and professional communication with workers with a statistical background. The online training course will go over every aspect of data analytics to transform the learners into experts.

Tool Covered in Data Analytics Course

Eligibility for Data Analytics Courses Mumbai

The Data Analytics Course is best suited for aspiring professionals from all educational backgrounds with an analytical mindset. This includes –IT Specialists, Marketing Managers, Banking and Finance Professionals, Sales Professionals, Beginners in the field of data analytics, Supply Chain Networks Managers, and Students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

There are no prerequisites for online training courses. However, Basic Excel Operations (numerical calculation using functions, data input, and so on) are recommended. Aside from that, a thorough understanding of computer applications such as SQL, Python, R, SAS, and advanced Excel courses is also recommended for Data Analytics Training in Mumbai.

“We deliver the Best Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai, covering all course modules throughout the Data Analytics Training Classes.”

Learning Outcomes of A Data Analyst Course in Mumbai

  1. The course will enable one to calculate the most common statistical indexes for data series of diverse nature and complexity.
  2. Participants will learn to quantify the variable component of a phenomenon.
  3. Participants will learn to bring the observed phenomena back to the corresponding type of random variable.
  4. The course will enable participants to analyse the frequency distribution of random variables.
  5. The Data Analytics Training in Mumbai will teach participants that data analysis is essential for company strategy. It can also help people become more aware of and effective in more complicated and dynamic situations.
  6. Participants will be prepared to estimate the probability of a phenomenon occurring.
  7. The training will teach participants to uncover business analytics, data visualization, data management, insights, and identify critical discoveries to provide data-driven solutions.